Writing in New York: Part 2

It’s been about two months since I wrote my last post on NYC coffee shops in a series that might become somewhat of a continuing thing for me. I’m not making any promises about regularly posting on this blog because I am quite afraid of commitment at the moment, so please only plunge ahead with this post if you acknowledge that this is not going to be like the seven seasons of Sex and the City, but instead it has more the flavor of its shorter, less strings-attached sister series, The Carrie Diaries.

The idea for this post is quite simple and birthed out of my genuine love of the little alcoves tucked away in practically every corner here: coffee shops. My younger brother and I were recently discussing these magical places, and he didn’t understand what the fuss was about. Well, Dylan, the reason a lot of people (myself included) lose it over these places is that coffee shops carry sweet drinks that soothe dry souls parched by the animated jungle gym that is this city. There is just something so comforting about ordering a warm drink and sitting down and creating something within an environment of other creative souls. My life has been quite topsy-turvy these days, but one thing that I always can count on is stumbling into a small shop with quaint underpinning that re-light my spark for spending my time in the gems that hold NYC together with their very existence.

I originally was going to write about multiple coffee shops, but I had so much to say about one of my favorites that I decided to just stick to it! Hope you enjoy and that this will possibly inspire you to venture off into a coffee shop of your own soon.

B Cup Cafe:

B Cup Cafe

This is one of my favorites because there is a spontaneous, somewhat ridiculous story associated with the first time I ventured into this place. My sweet pup, Bear, has his haircut spot just one block away on Avenue B in the heart of the village, and the first time I went to this shop corresponded with the first time that Bear got a haircut! Ah, the memories. Bear has grown so much since then! Cue photo back to right after his first haircut. :’) They grow up so fast.

Bear First Haircut

Anyways, my brother happened to be in town visiting me whilst Bear and I had this adventure to the haircut place. It was raining quite heavily, and while I am normally one to soak up every drop with a smile on my face, that day was not necessarily the best for it to be raining. My brother and I didn’t have raincoats or even umbrellas with us, and I remember we were coming all the way from 3rd Avenue drenched in a downpour of rain that seemed to be telling us to head back. Alas, as is the Frayne way, we ignored the ominous omen and plunged ahead. We eventually made it and checked Bear in for his appointment.

It was still pouring down rain hard when we had to leave Bear for a few hours. It felt like little icy pellets were being thrown directly into my back when we wandered back outside. It was quite unpleasant. My brother and I wandered aimlessly as I often do in this city and we landed on this coffee shop because it was nearby. Little did I know how great this place was. It’s inauspicious exterior lends for quite the delightful surprise in the interior. The only thing that was significantly disappointing was that they only take cash, which my brother nor I had much to spare at that moment. We pooled our money to buy a chocolate confection from the bakery window and we sat near the window.

We talked and talked and talked as time passed, like those good conversations that you can’t plan but pop up when you need them to. It was so refreshing to talk to him in a space that felt like the relaxed coffee shops from our small hometowns; in fact, I felt no judgement there. I was just happy to be chilling and sitting with my brother. And this space lended itself well to letting me just breathe and enjoy my time with him.

I love this space exactly because they have a collection of offerings, but because the atmosphere makes me feel at ease. I highly recommend this coffee shop to anyone interested! Here’s the cafe website if you want to know more about them/visit!!