The Start of an Adventure

I'm so excited to be studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, this semester! I'm taking courses on global health and development policy until May, so let me know if you'll be in Europe and I'd love to meet up!

I've been in Switzerland for two weeks, and this post is a collection of my favorite moments so far. If you want to stay updated on my travels, add your email to this form and you'll receive an email notification whenever I publish a new post.

It's me! In Switzerland!


Zürich, Switzerland

Last weekend, a group of friends and I took the 3-hour train ride from Geneva to Zürich, Switzerland's largest city. Our first stop was the top of the Uetliberg mountain, which gave us an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and towns!


Zürich had beautiful scenic views, but the beautiful views of Swiss chocolate in every train station, street corner, etc. were also noteworthy!! 


On Saturday night, our group explored the central area of Zürich. Switzerland has four major languages, and since most of the students in my program speak French and English, it was a new experience to be in the German-speaking city of Zürich. Thankfully, many people spoke English and were kind with offering directions when we got lost!


Here are more pictures from that Sunday where we aimlessly wandered through Zürich.


Palais des Nations, Geneva

My study abroad program is focusing on global health care and development policy, so it's exciting that the curriculum integrates a lot of site visits to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations based in Geneva. Visiting the Palais des Nations was such an incredible experience for me - one of my dreams was/is to work for the UN, so it was so incredible to see diplomats discussing the refugee crisis and the evolution of health care technology. The last photo is a picture of the UN's library, where the UN stores government documents and laws from almost every country in the world! This study abroad program has an independent research project at the end of the semester, so I'm excited that our class has access to the UN library for the semester.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne is a town only twenty minutes away from Nyon, so our class visited the area to see the city and the international headquarters of the Olympics. 

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne brought me back to my days running track in school, and my favorite exhibit was on the Paralympic Games.

The shoe to the right belonged to Jesse Owens!


Chamonix, France

During my first weekend here, my lovely homestay family brought me to this small ski village way up in the Alps. I didn't go skiing this time, but hopefully I will by the end of this semester!


Geneva and Nyon, Switzerland

During our orientation, we spent most of our time in Nyon and Geneva, where we took tours of the cities and got adjusted to all of the changes that come with moving to another country for a semester. Our group certainly got lost, but the upside was that we would often stumble upon interesting landmarks (like the Nyon Castle) and beautiful scenery!


That's all for now; I'm looking forward to more adventures! Let me know if you have any suggestions for fun things to do or see in Europe! x Dana