Accessibility Consulting

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Accessibility Consulting


I’ve previously worked on accessibility projects for Facebook, the Obama White House, the American Red Cross. I’ve also conducted field research on accessible design and assistive technology in Morocco, Switzerland, and France. For access to my accessibility portfolio and resume, please send me an email

Areas of Expertise

When I'm embedded within a company, I conduct in-depth audits of products, provide recommendations for accessibility priorities, and apply accessibility principles to company guidelines and goals. My consulting speciality is user experience accessibility, which includes the areas below:

  • User Research and Development

    • Conducting accessibility audits of products, ranging from one week to one month

    • Providing recommendations for cross-functional accessibility work on teams

  • Design

    • Applying accessible design principles to products so that users with disabilities can have an optimal user experience

    • Teaching classes to designers on how to use accessibility design tools, such as Sketch plug-ins, color contrast markers, and visual testing tools.

  • Content Strategy/User Experience Writing

    • Adding captions and transcripts to videos on digital platforms

    • Writing content that is appropriate and user-friendly for screen readers

  • And more...

    • These are some examples, but there are other areas of accessibility that I am trained in and happy to work on depending on the scope of your product.

Getting Started

My approach with each client is tailored to the client's accessibility goals and needs. After initially speaking with the client and understanding their products, I conduct a general accessibility audit of the products to assess the areas of high priority and estimated time and resources that will be needed to pursue these goals. 

Accessible design is critical and I am passionate about it, so I am always happy to talk about it. If you are interested in hiring me, let's chat!